Houston Underground Online is Back!

Due to the international health situation, many saxophonists have been confined to their homes and are unable to work with other musicians; lessons, rehearsals, and performances have all been significantly limited for over a year. Because of this, Houston Underground is pleased to offer an encore of our online-only solo competition.

High cchool saxophonists will submit two videos – one of any Ferling etude, and one of any other additional piece of music – and compete for cash prizes. Prize money and number of prizes will increase with the number of contestants, so encourage your friends to sign up!

In order to support professional musicians who keep our art form alive, the Online Competition has one special requirement: to compete, a contestant must have taken a person-to-person lesson, either live or online (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc) between March 1 and April 30. Performance recordings do not need to be accompanied, even if the part requires a piano (sonatas, concerti, etc).

Applications for the 2021 competition have now closed (as of April 30). See official rules HERE.

Houston Underground Competition

Houston Underground is the largest - and most awesome - amateur saxophone competition for high school and junior high students in the country. Since 2008, Houston Underground has been a platform for student musicians to refine their art, broadcast their skills, collaborate with other players, and explore new repertoire, all in an exciting and fun environment. Supported by top saxophone companies and frequented by some of the best professional players in the country, we strive to be a defining and supportive event in the development of hundreds of young musicians.




Winners announced
Saturday, May 15, 2021

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