Houston Underground 2021 Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2021 Online Competition winners!

  • 6th - Perasathe Kahasatian
  • 5th - Brandon Sanchez
  • 4th - Luc Billette
  • 3rd - Tommy Wan
  • 2nd - Darryl Leung
  • 1st - Zachary Lin

This year we had 54 amazing contestants from all around the world. The level of playing heard this year was some of the best we have ever seen at Houston Underground. We're SO proud of every single competitor, and we wish you a hearty congratulations for your successful participation!

Houston Underground Competition

Houston Underground is the largest - and most awesome - amateur saxophone competition for high school and junior high students in the country. Since 2008, Houston Underground has been a platform for student musicians to refine their art, broadcast their skills, collaborate with other players, and explore new repertoire, all in an exciting and fun environment. Supported by top saxophone companies and frequented by some of the best professional players in the country, we strive to be a defining and supportive event in the development of hundreds of young musicians.




Winners announced
Saturday, May 15, 2021

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