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The Houston Underground Saxophone Competition is an event that runs for the entire day. Throughout the course of several hours, hundreds of students and parents make their way through our registration table, performance rooms and exhibition hall. With the help of our wonderful volunteers our competition is able to run smoothly and efficiently. Volunteers are an essential part of our competition. The volunteer day is split into two shifts: morning (7am-12pm) and afternoon (12:00pm-5pm).

If you are interest in volunteering for Houston Underground, please send us an email with the position you would be interested in working in as well as what shift you would prefer. Volunteers receive a free shirt and breakfast/lunch!

Positions available:

Registration desk, merch table, warm-up room supervisor, stage manager, exhibition room supervisor*, competition set-up* (needed the evening before), competition break down* (needed at the end of competition day and after).

*Involves heavy lifting


Interested in volunteering? Questions? Send us an email!

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